Budget Manager (BM) (DCHT-5)

Budget Manager (BM) (DCHT-5)
Contract with Department of Health Care Finance
Washington, DC

Budget Manager (BM) – The contractor shall lead, develop, recommend, defend, and monitor complex budgets. The contractor shall perform complex financial management analysis; assist and advise management on budget and financial issues; perform financial research and analysis; prepare financial reports; prepare budget revisions and reconciles budget and expenditures to reimbursements. The contractor shall lead technically complex research and financial analyses on fiscal and financial matters; analyze and review prior expenditures; grant balances and fund sources; develop financial models and prepare financial forecasts, cost projections and recommendations. The contractor shall work closely with the Program Managers to ensure that the cost allocation methodology that has been established for the Advanced Planning grant are in accordance with the agency budget; makes recommendations on proposed/updated cost allocation and expenditures. The contractor shall design and assess a project’s tracking expenditure methods geared towards assessing approved budget and cost allocation that have been established. The contractor shall compile expenditure date
relative to reimbursement paid by Department of Healthcare Finance (DHCF) and maintains historical data detailing financial and historical trends. The contractor shall apply cost allocation formulas for the calculation of federal/local shares in the funding of project budget. The contractor shall review financial transactions for monthly reporting to ensure expenditures are aligned with proposed spending in the Advanced Planning Document (APD). The contractor shall design and develops spreadsheets and uses data analytics to trend APD expenditures by funding sources. The contractor shall consult/work with program staff in the development of program enhancement requests during budget formulation. The contractor shall review and prepare reports as required by the Council, Mayor and other entities. The contractor shall work with the CFO and agency staff to ensure that DHCF remains in compliance with the Prompt Payment Act, Quick Payment Act, and District Contract and Compliance regulations. The contractor shall assist in a senior capacity with program and contract staff in the review of price proposal from RFP submitted by DHCF and guides them on any financial matters that have an impact on budget.


Ability to participate effectively in the development of statewide health reform and/or innovation policy and/or activities pertaining to sound financial management of agency goals to budget. Required 8-10 years
Experience in planning, organizing and directing significant new program financial modeling for budget development. Required 10+ Years
Experience with financial and budgetary principles, practices and techniques to analyze and evaluate financial transactions and costing reports. Possess an in depth knowledge of budget management and development. Required 10+ Years
Knowledge and understanding of the District’s budget process and its use throughout the program and timetables for reimbursement programs. Required 8-10 years
Experience with fiscal, financial management, accounting and budgetary techniques, policies and procedures regulations and laws governing appropriated, Intra District, Federal and other revenue. Required 6-10 Years
Experience establishing anticipated requirements for completion of work plans; establish project deadlines and program priorities. Required 8-10 years
Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Report Standards. Required 8-10 years
Expert experience with analyzing information in the Advanced Planning Grant, laws, regulations and program policies related to services delivered through DHCF DCAS Project. Required 6-10 Years
Professional knowledge of budgetary and financial activities in order to coordinate, review and edit financial requests by the management staff for those programs. Required 8-10 years
Experience using budgetary tools such as Quickbooks, Ariba etc. Required 8-10 Years
Proven knowledge of the MS Office suite and other related tools as required. Required 8-10 years

Education/ Certifications:

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Public Administration Finance Accounting or related field. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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