DCRA- IT Strategic Consultant (586390)

Contract with Government of the District of Columbia
DCRA – 1100 4th St SW, Washington, DC 20024
Position closes 02/08/2019

US Citizens or Green Card Holders Only

Short Description:

Coordinates IT project management, strategic partnerships, technical pilot projects for DCRA’s IT modernization effort

Skills/Required Years of Experience:

16+ yrs planning, coordinating, and monitoring project activities (Required 16 Years)
16+ yrs leading projects, ensuring they are in compliance with established standards/procedures (Required 16 Years)
Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, or related field (Required 4 Years)
Corporate, business or corporate development in an environment with commercial revenue targets or quotas (Required 10 Years)
Product management experience with a technology company (Required 5 Years)
Experience in launching startups and products based on digital computing technologies (Required 4 Years)
Experience in leading on demand transportation or logistic platforms operating in at least 3 major metropolitan markets, such as DC, NY, Boston (Required 2 Years)
Experience in advising the upper management or government agencies for strategic planning, IT initiatives or partnerships (Required 3 Years)
Experience in overseeing the operations of an app based service and implementing supplier recruitment strategies (Required 1 Year)
Knowledge of DCMR Title 31 Regulations, and/or the for-hire industry regulations of a major metropolitan area such as NY, Chicago, London, Toronto (Required 1 Year)

Complete Description:

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) is seeking a contractor with the knowledge and experience of technology initiatives, strategic partnerships and technical pilot project coordination.

1. Helps to design and implement digital agendas and master plans for pilot or enterprise technical projects, with the purpose of accelerating the penetration, use and adoption of digital technologies
2. Plans, coordinates, and monitors project activities
3. Provides analysis, research and make recommendations on how different technologies should be deployed to accomplish the objectives of the digital strategies
4. Undertakes dialogue with key stakeholders to identify potential areas of policy intervention in the digital space, including aspects related to infrastructure deployment, strategic regulations, governance models and specific services and applications that contribute to increase productivity of the economies.
5. Prepares knowledge and capacity-building sector products, consistent with the region’s needs and development objectives in the above sector.
6. Identities, designs and prepares analysis for potential projects and programs related to the agency’s digital agenda
7. Promotes value added work as a facilitator for organizational change and development.
8. Troubleshoots problems
9. Ensures project life-cycle is in compliance with District standards and procedures
10.  Performs other duties as assigned
11. Flex work hours and remote are allowed with prior approval

1. Coordinates IT project management, engineering, maintenance, QA, and risk management.
2. Plans, coordinates, and monitors project activities.
3. Develops technical applications to support users.
4. Develops, implements, maintains and enforces documented standards and procedures for the design, development, installation, modification, and documentation of assigned systems.
5. Provides training for system products and procedures.
6. Performs application upgrades.
7. Performs, monitoring, maintenance, or reporting on real- time databases, real-time network and serial data communications, and real-time graphics and logic applications.
8. Troubleshoots problems.
9. Ensures project life-cycle is in compliance with District standards and procedures.

Background check is required, if selected for the position.
There are no reimbursable expenses allocated to this position.

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