OCTO – NOC Network Engineer (596091)

Contract with Government of the District of Columbia
OCTO – 200 I Street, SE Washington DC 20003
Position closes 06/19/2019

US Citizens or Green Card Holders Only

Short Description:

11-15 years of experience. Provides technical guidance for directing and monitoring information systems operations. Designs, builds, and implements network systems.

Skills/Required Years of Experience:

Hardware Configuration, Operation Monitoring and Maintenance tasks (Required 8 years)
Experience interfacing with IT leads to ensure proper escalation of issues during outages or periods of degraded system performance (Required 8 years)
Compiling and analyzing information related to critical events (preparing reason for outage reports, timelines, impact, etc.) (Required 8 years)
ITIL management framework experience (Required 6 years)
Cisco CCNA or higher networking experience equivalent experience (Required 8 years)
Experience with network monitoring tools such as Solarwinds, Netscout, Splunk, HP Apppulse, and Sitescope (Required 8 years)
11-15 yrs troubleshooting network performance issues (Required 11 years)
11-15 yrs analyzing network traffic and providing capacity planning solutions (Required 11 years)
11-15 yrs planning and configuring an enterprise network (Required 11 years)
11-15 yrs monitoring and responding to hardware, software, and network problems (Required 11 years)
Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field or equivalent experience (Required)
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Routing Protocols (EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, and eVPN/VRF) (Required 6 years)

Complete Description:

The NOC Network Engineer is responsible for technical support, maintenance and monitoring of highly available and complex District Government enterprise network infrastructure. Primary role involves monitoring critical infrastructure and network related components, performing an initial triage of incidents, and escalating incidents.

Analyst Role and Responsibilities:

• Monitor global network infrastructure (Solarwinds, Splunk, HP Apppulse, and Sitescope)
• Contribute to Root Cause Analysis for customer/internal outages and recommend resolutions
• Document infrastructure procedures for internal support
• Prioritize workload to ensure service and project delivery targets achieved
• Review new network designs and changes to ensure that they meet Operational Acceptance Criteria and are supportable
• Update design documentation for internal and customer support
• Contribute to Continuous Service Improvement
• Support after hour and weekend on-call duties for global trading and office support.

Key Accountabilities:

• Ensure network availability maintained
• Ensure network issues are resolved in accordance with OCTO service level agreements
• Ensure persistent problems are diagnosed and resolved
• Ensure Changes do not cause business outages or issues
• Ensure accuracy of network documentation


  1. Provides technical guidance for directing and monitoring information systems operations. Designs, builds, and implements network systems.
  2. Directs compilation of records and reports concerning network operations and maintenance. Troubleshoots network performance issues. Analyzes network traffic and provides capacity planning solutions.
  3. Monitors and responds to complex technical control facility hardware and software problems. Interfaces with vendor support service groups to ensure proper escalation during outages or periods of degraded system performance.
  4. Manages the purchase, testing, installation, and support of network communications, including Local Area Network (LAN)/Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)/ Wide Area Network (WAN) systems.
  5. Performs system-level design and configuration of products including determination of hardware, OS, and other platform specifications.
  6. Plans large-scale systems projects through vendor comparison and cost studies.
  7. Performs a variety of systems engineering tasks and activities that are broad in nature and are concerned with major systems design, integration, and implementation, including personnel, hardware, software, budgetary, and support facilities and/or equipment.
  8. Provides quality assurance review and the evaluation of new and existing software products.
  9. Provides assistance and oversight for all information systems operations activities, including computer and telecommunications/communications operations, data entry, data control, LAN/MAN/WAN administration and operations support, operating systems programming, system security policy procedures, and/or web strategy and operations.
  10. Provides input to policy level discussions regarding standards and budget constraints.
  11. Supervises all personnel engaged in the operation and support of network facilities, including all communications equipment on various platforms in large scale or multi-shift operations.
  12. Supervises complex operations that involve two or more additional functions such as, but not limited to, network operations, systems security, systems software support, and production support activities.
  13. Monitors and responds to hardware, software, and network problems.
  14. Provides the routine testing and analysis of all elements of the network facilities (including power, software, communications machinery, lines, modems, and terminals).
  15. Utilizes software and hardware tools and identifies and diagnoses complex problems and factors affecting network performance.
  16. Troubleshoots network systems when necessary and makes improvements to the network.

Background check is required, if selected for the position.
There are no reimbursable expenses allocated to this position.

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