DOEE – IT Consultant Master (640786)

Contract with Government of the District of Columbia
DOEE – 1200 1st Street NE Suite 500 Washington, DC 20002
Position closes 12/21/2020

Short Description:

6-10 years of experience. Responds to and diagnoses problems through discussion with users.

Skills/Required Years of Experience:

16+ yrs. planning, coordinating, and monitoring IT project activities (Required 16 Years)
5+ years providing IT guidance for social services or assistance programs that utilize sensitive data (Required 5 Years)
5+ years developing and guiding integrated database systems for the streamline management of social services or assistance programs (Required 5 Years)
10+ years developing Quickbase, Excel or SQL-based applications (Required 10 Years)
10+ years managing customer relationships (Required 10 Years)
16+ years of experience in the IT field (Required 16 Years)
4+ years of processing internal and external data requests related to quality control, internal or external reporting requirements, or other needs (Required 4 Years)
Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field or equivalent experience (Required 20 Years)
3+ years problem solving for integration of data solutions for programmatic and operational needs in state or local government (Required 3 Years)

Complete Description:


  1. Coordinates IT project management, engineering, maintenance, QA, and risk management.
  2. Plans, coordinates, and monitors project activities.
  3. Develops technical applications to support users.
  4. Develops, implements, maintains, and enforces documented standards and procedures for the design, development, installation, modification, and documentation of assigned systems.
  5. Provides training for system products and procedures.
  6. Performs application upgrades.
  7. Performs monitoring, maintenance, or reporting on real- time databases, real-time network and serial data communications, and real-time graphics and logic applications.
  8. Troubleshoots problems.
  9. Ensures project lifecycle is in compliance with District standards and procedures.
  10. Provides support for the development of software solutions related to income verification and public assistance, primarily related to utility assistance (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), energy efficiency installations (Weatherization Assistance Program), and lead hazard remediation (HUD lead hazard control program).
  11. Provides guidance and direction to third-party software vendors, assists with troubleshooting bugs and errors, and assists with process improvement.
  12. Develops system improvements to improve coordination among discrete data sets.
  13. Oversees the incorporation of legacy data into new software systems.
  14. Designs, creates, and maintains complex data management systems, such as Quickbase or Excel, SQL-based systems.
  15. Assists in or leads troubleshooting efforts pertaining to the quality control and user interface of data management systems.
  16. Assists management with overseeing contractual obligations of software providers.
  17. Ensures projects are in compliance with District standards and procedures and informs management of applicable OCTO guidance or updates.

Background check is required, if selected for the position.
There are no reimbursable expenses allocated to this position.

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