DOES Security Fraud SME -Master (676884)

Contract with Government of the District of Columbia
DOES – 4058 Minnesota Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20019
Position closes 03/14/2022

Short Description:

Fraud detection systems, analyze such transactions and behavior patterns, and make sound judgements and decisions on the alerts in accordance with the operating guidelines and procedures to prevent and minimize fraud losses.

Skills/Required Years of Experience:

Preferred Certifications: CFE Required
Performs data analysis & applies SME level data science techniques to identify suspicious behavior trends, outliers, anomalies, & other issues. (Required 16 Years)
Develop comprehensive fraud detection strategies and business procedures that balance fraud loss and customer experience (Required 16 Years)
Use analytics to improve existing fraud strategies, to reduce false positive rates and increase fraud detection rates. (Required 16 Years)
Extract and analyze data, investigate data integrity, create metrics, and perform data and portfolio analysis. (Required 16 Years)
Create fraud metrics to show the performance of fraud systems for use in management reporting (Required 16 Years)
Identify gaps in current systems, policies, products, and strategies and take actions to reduce new fraud risks with guidance from managers (Required 12 Years)
Develop trending reports and essential indicators to serve as early warning risk indicators for potentially fraudulent activity. (Required 12 Years)
Recommend enhancements and process improvements based on assessment of fraud processes. (Required 12 Years)
Knowledge of SQL, SAS programming including macros and SAS / SAS Enterprise Miner / SAS Enterprise Guide (Required 8 Years)
Experience with Tableau SSRS reporting in addition to SQL. (Required 5 Years)
Preferred proficiency: SQL, Looker, Snowflake, and Microsoft products (Required 5 Years)
Experience analyzing business and technical processes (Required 8 Years)
Excellent written and verbal communications skills (Required 16 Years)
Experience researching and evaluating technology solutions and implementation strategies (Required 8 Years)
Presentation Skills (Required 8 Years)
Analyzed massive and highly complex data sets using Beyond Compare and similar programs. (Required 10 Years)
The ability to pay attention to detail, communicate well and be highly organized (Required 10 Years)
Extracted data from company databases using SQL and PL/SQL and developed customer reports in Microsoft Excel and Business Objects applications. (Desired 3 Years)
Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field or equivalent experience (Required 20 Years)

Complete Description:


The primary purpose of this position is to review suspicious transactions generated by fraud detection systems, analyze such transactions and behavior patterns, and make sound judgements and decisions on the alerts in accordance with the operating guidelines and procedures to prevent and minimize fraud losses. The incumbent in this position is also expected to validate/verify transactions in detecting fraud, handling authorization referrals and quick decision-making capabilities while providing outstanding service in the process.

Job Summary:
The Security Fraud SME will be the primary point of contact for UI Fraud Risk Operations. The candidate will provide support for the development and documentation of creative fraud prevention strategies that optimize the team’s ability to detect and prevent fraud on the UI systems. The candidate works with Risk Policy, Product/Program Managers, Data Analysts, and Engineers to evaluate fraud risk on the UI system. You will oversee system tool enhancements to maintain the productivity and efficiency of risk strategies. This role will report to the OIT and UI leadership but support all operation leads, as directed.
This position will require experience in risk assessment, technological sophistication, and data mining techniques which will be critical to success. It will also require a strong analytical orientation and an understanding of fraud types and vectors, unemployment insurance products, and familiarity with operational processes that support plans for both existing and new system features. The ideal candidate will have an in-depth understanding of UI and PFL level risk management principles.

Qualifications & Expertise:

Data Science Analytics and Reporting
• Performs data analysis and applies SME level data science techniques to identify suspicious behavior trends, outliers, anomalies, and other issues that represent fraud risk
• Performs ad-hoc investigative and statistical analytics to facilitate risk investigations and assists external stakeholders in their investigation of risk events
• Perform link analysis of known patterns of fraud and anomalies where known patterns are violated to uncover new fraud patterns
• Prepares and develops daily, weekly, and monthly reports
Risk and fraud detection models
• Review suspicious transactions generated by fraud detection systems, the analyst must be highly sensitive to abnormal /fraudulent transactions to minimize loss at the earliest stage and be alert to the new emerging fraud trends/patterns.

• Detects and defines fraud trends through quantitative data analysis and provides direction on solutions to deter fraud attacks and communicates those trends to designated lead
• Applies expertise in designated regional or country fraud detection models to provide the greatest efficiency and effectiveness
• Validates and optimizes the fraud risk model
• Ensures fraud detection methods offered comply with industry security regulations and consumer privacy laws as they relate to the agency’s operations
• Oversees user access to fraud prevention systems for designated regional or country fraud prevention
Monitoring operations and industry trends
• Monitors operations for PCI and cybersecurity compliance
• Immediate familiarity of industry trends in any fraud prevention related areas, including new fraud patterns, services, detection tools or any new technology
• Provide guidance and direction on system declined suspected fraud transactions, and customer reported fraud tracker data regularly and propose adjustments to the risk model
Projects and Process Improvement
• Gives guidance on new procedures for manual review and fraud analysis based on current trends
• Lead development and implementation of effective fraud avoidance, detection, and prevention strategies to mitigate fraud losses while ensuring an appropriate balance between risk and customer experience.
• Lends insight on methods for screening system approved orders against fraud
Data reporting analyst jobs require some coding and mathematics, and candidates should have Expertise in SQL scripting, SSRS, SSIS, ETL, PowerBi, Tableau, and other reporting tools.
In addition to technical skills, the incumbent should display excellent communication skills. “The ability to communicate with business teams, end-users, and executives are vital to the job,” said Ngo. “Often, a data reporting analyst is working directly with business teams to understand reporting requirements.”
The job generally requires a four-year college degree emphasizing data science, industrial engineering, or statistics. Preferred Certifications: CFE

Behavior Characteristics
• Ability to interpret data and organize information
• Proficiency in MS Windows especially on Excel
• Excellent Analytical skills with an ability to detect unusual patterns from large data
• Highly alert, sensitive, logical and ability to exercise good common sense
• Disciplined, vigilant and watchful on upcoming fraud trends
• Proactive, able to work independently and a good team-player
• Interpersonal and relationship skills, to work effectively within the team and across the country operations teams.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability and confidence to talk to customers from diverse cultural background.
• Self-motivated, pro-active with a proven ability to work independently and willingness to stretch in case of emergencies.
• Results driven with the ability to operate in a fast-paced environment.
• Understanding dynamics of fraud to be able to detect and reduce Fraud Losses effectively.
•Has the desire and willingness to learn new tasks

Background check is required, if selected for the position.
There are no reimbursable expenses allocated to this position.

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