We offer the following services centered around BMC/Remedy Action Request System Development, BMC/Remedy ITSM Applications, and ITIL.

Independent Verification of your HelpDesk Key Performance Indicators
Having us Install, Configure, and Maintain your IT Service Management Infrastructure means that your client knows that the systems used to measure your HelpDesk performance were configured by an unbiased third party. Your client can request reports directly from us giving your helpdesk performance a credible, independent evaluation.

Oversight of BMC/Remedy Solution Providers
KLSL Consulting, LLC has strong past performance working with BMC Consulting, Attivasoft, and Column IT (formerly Turing SMI) providing a third party independent review of their performance. We help the Client understand the BMC/Remedy ITSM requirements gathering process.  We help the Solution Provider understand the Client’s organization and requirements. We provide many of the functions that solution providers expect of the client: gathering requirements, gathering foundation data, and gathering Service Level Management data.  We are adept at acting as a liason between the Service Provider and the client.

BMC/Remedy ITSM Configuration
Many Clients are surprised to find that functionality that previously required development effort is now configurable under the latest version of BMC/Remedy ITSM. We are adept at configuring foundation data, multi-tenancy, decision trees, service level management, scripts, templates, and many other items. We maintain our certifications in BMC/Remedy ITSM administration to ensure that we are up to date in the latest versions of the product.

BMC/Remedy Knowledge Management
Key to consistent resolution of incidents, problems, and changes is a strong knowledge management system. We have strong past performance in establishing, monitoring, and maintaining BMC/Remedy Knowledge Management. While most Solution Providers merely install and hand over RKM, we coordinate your Subject Matter Experts to provide a consistent Knowledge Database. We continuously improve your Knowledge Management System into a consistent, concise, and accurate common source of solutions.

BMC/Remedy Installation
A complete installation, configuration, customization, and deployment of BMC/Remedy’s ITSM Suite of products.  From site assessment, to requirements gathering, to working within your organization’s SDLC, we have had several successful installs, even where other consultants have failed.  We are well versed in how to get new software products installed in government agencies and adept at resolving the Enterprise Architecture documentation headaches that stymie many software developers and PMs.

BMC Remedy Training
We have in the past developed custom training packages at a much lower cost than what solution providers would charge.  Your organization has unlimited rights to any training materials that we produce.

Help Desk Consolidation
OMB appears to be promoting consolidation of agency helpdesk infrastructure which often creates conflict between subagencies, contractors, and vendors.  We have had a great deal of success in the past organizing this consolidation around a central suite of BMC/Remedy ITSM tools.  Consolidation requires more than just technological expertise, it requires a mature, professional, and politically astute posture to create cooperation between entities that are threatened by change.

ITIL Based Process Engineering
Working closely with Incident, Change, Asset, and Problem managers, we have had a great deal of success in creating new, efficient IT processes around an enterprise wide deployed BMC/Remedy solution.

Remedy Development
Whether it is the creation of new Remedy based applications, the customization of the out of the box applications, or enhancing someone else’s application, our years of formal software development background plus our formal BMC/Remedy training allows us to navigate the forms, filters, active links, and escalations to produce efficient ARS developed applications.

Proposal Writing
We are available on a short term basis to add BMC/Remedy ITSM and ITIL expertise to your Proposal Team.

We hired Bob to be on a proposal team we had assembled to respond to a solicitation for a very large for helpdesk-support task order.  The task required Remedy expertise and an understanding of how Remedy 7 implements ITIL v3.  Bob contributed to the strategy, developed much of the content for the proposal, and participated in the oral briefing to the client as a key member of the proposed staff.  While his Remedy knowledge and experience were critical to the task, Bob’s positive attitude and willingness to take on any task were just as valuable.
Carl Hallinan, Program Manager, CITI-US

Remedy Documentation in one Zip File

174271 – IM User Guide

174386 – CM User Guide

174272 – PM User Guide

183986 – Workflow Objects Guide