Staff Augmentation and Recruiting

We are actively recruiting for the open positions found on our home page.  All of these positions are filled quickly, so if you are interested, contact us immediately with your resume and expected bill rate on a 1099 or W2.  Send your information to

These positions are through the IT Staff Augmentation contract called Pipeline with the DC government.  There are many open positions at any given time with new positions appearing every day.

The submission process involves someone at the contracts office reviewing your submission package.  It is our job to make sure that you have a candidate submission that will pass through the prescreeners and get you an interview.

For Pipeline Contract job seekers we will prepare your candidate submission using a methodology that will enhance your success through the contract’s pre-screening process.  We realize that the pre-screeners may not have the expertise to understand your specialty, so we will rewrite your submission using the exact terms of the job requirement.  We will make sure that your job experience sections highlight how you fulfill the requirements of the position.  We will prep you on what to bring to the specific interview whether it is photocopies of your professional certificates, evidence of your technical documentation, or other evidence of the work you have completed.   We have dedicated consultants on staff, former software contractors themselves, that understand government contracts and how to be successful as an independent contractor.